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Marcos Mendes

Hey! I'm Marcos Mendes

I'm a 24-year-old software engineer who enjoys writing about how things work. My focus it's TypeScript, React, Next.js, GraphQL, Java, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, and contributing to open source projects.

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Pluxee (former Sodexo)

FullStack Engineer

Pluxee (former Sodexo)

Nov 2022 -> Present

São Paulo, Brazil · Full Remote


Frontend Engineer


Abr 2022 -> Nov 2022

Maringá, Brazil · Full Remote


Software Engineer


May 2018 -> Abr 2022

Full Remote

Marcos Mendes

Developer & Designer Freelancer

Marcos Mendes

May 2017 -> Present

Natal, Brazil · Full Remote

Tutorials and Live Coding


Personal Projects

Next.js Boilerplate

A simple project starter to work with TypeScript, React, NextJS and Styled Components




A simple and effective React Hook to manage the localStorage ⚡️

Screen Size Helper

A React Hook utility for identifying and working with screen sizes


A simple website to organize my links, fully inspired in Linktree

iOS Projects 👨🏻‍💻

A Simple repo that contains a list of my all iOS Apps and Projects

MyNotes - Android App

A Notes app, created in React-Native that provides better personal organization.

MacOS Web

MacOS interface with React, TypeScript and Styled Components ⚡

Contributions to Open Source Projects

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